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Welcome to True Home Design

Imagine being able to choose a house that you want and need rather than one that a salesperson thinks you need!!

Today we are often time poor, so when it comes to making the right choice for a new home and importantly the right builder.

A new home is one of the most Important, exciting and expensive purchases you’ll ever make, the difficulty is there are so many options and choices out there, and every time you walk into a display home on those rare precious days off or a weekend, you are hit with sales pitches and pressure, and yet another promotion that doesn’t interest you at all. What should be a wonderful and rewarding experience often becomes too hard and painful.

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True Home Design was established to make the process of finding the right home and builder easy for you. We have carefully selected the best house designs and quality builders to allow you to choose the home that meets your dreams and expectations without spending days and weeks driving all over the city.

True Home Design allows you to search plans from different builders leaving you with the most appropriate home for your needs and dreams.

With over 30 years experience of settling families into new homes, we have a track record of delivering success through experienced consultants, who will be a further guide, ensuring you have considered all the options and understand the issues that need to be managed carefully.

Our goal is to make the process of buying and building your new home an enjoyable, rewarding and economically sound journey. All you have to do is tell us what is on your wish list and we will present you will all the options.

At last … somewhere I can go independently to choose my new home.

No Sales Pitch - No Pressure – just honest advice to meet your needs.

This means our extensive experience is at work for you. We know the potential issues that may arise so we can advise you on how to avoid any pitfalls.

True Home Design is totally independent, so when you engage with liaising with us, you have the peace of mind we are working for you.

If you wish to know more please Contact our Founder and CEO Susan Cullen.

PH: +61499 511879